The University of Milano-Bicocca is offering a predoc or postdoc position to investigate the neuromechanics of sport-related injuries. The project will investigate the sensorimotor alterations following the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, evaluating the sensory role of this ligament in motor control.

Ideal candidates should be highly motivated and have a strong scientific interest in motor control.
Preferred skills: Matlab or Python programming.
Desirable but not compulsory skills: motion capture system, signal analysis, basic knowledge of biomechanics.

The selected candidate will work at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milano-Bicocca, under the supervision of Dr. Cristiano Alessandro. They will be involved in a collaborative project across three universities, interacting with engineers, sport scientists, sport medicine physicians and physical therapists.

This is a call for expression of interest. Interested candidates should send an email to Dr. Cristiano Alessandro () and attach: CV, a brief cover letter (shortly outlining motivations, experience and qualifications), contact details of professional references.

Duration: 19 months
Start date: 01/01/2024