Diversity Committee

To facilitate an equitable association, that recognizes diversity and inclusion, and emphasizes quality of life in event planning and dissemination activities

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Committee Initiative

Our first actions for 2020-22 were to develop and publish our:

  • Sub-committee vision statement
  • Strategic intent statement
  • Code of conduct statement
  • Committee member pages on the ISEK website

Committee structures: There is currently no explicit statement regarding diversity in our committees although in practice diversity is now given consideration when asking for nominations for the council and when forming our sub-committees. The Council is currently reviewing our composition and will propose changes prior to the next general assembly. As a first step in the direction of adding more diversity to the voices at our council meetings, in 2021 we will invite end stage PhD/early career academics to join the meetings as ex-officio (non-voting) members.

Awards and recognition: There are currently no explicit statements regarding diversity in our practice of giving awards or nominating speakers or chairs of sessions at our Congress. However, in practice diversity is now given great consideration when nominating people for these positions. We ask that our membership thinks broadly about those who have made an impact in our field when nominating an individual for an award or recognition by ISEK.

As part of our goal to support diversity, inclusion, and a feeling of belonging for our members, we will announce a series of initiatives to support members who may otherwise not have a chance to attend our conferences or contribute to workshops and discussions. Please contact us if you are interested in actively contributing to these activities.

The committee is composed of:

Corrado Cescon

University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland

Madeleine Lowery

University College Dublin

Karen Søgaard

Syddansk Universitet
Image of Kylie Tucker

Kylie Tucker

University of Queensland

Early Career Researcher Committee (ECR)

The Early Career Researcher Committee represents the students and early career researchers of ISEK.  The committee was formed through a recent call for participation to all student and postdoc Society members, which received an outstanding response from the community, reinforcing the timeliness of this effort.

The committee is composed of:

Manuela Besomi

Early career researcher
The University of Queensland

Niels Brouwer

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Josh Carr

Early career researcher
Texas Christian University

Ricardo Mesquita

Edith Cowan University

Phoebe Ng

The University of Queensland

Gregory Pearcey

Early career researcher
Northwestern University

Andy Sanderson

Early career researcher
Manchester Metropolitan University