Nagoya, Japan
June 26 – 29, 2024

ISEK 2024 has the potential to deliver great advances in the understanding of human movement and meaningful clinical impact.  The multidisciplinary nature of ISEK provides the perfect environment to bring together these different perspectives united under the common goal of increasing understanding of human movement.  The 2024 Congress will adhere to the traditional format and will feature keynote lectures from distinguished international guests in addition to symposia and individual presentations submitted by the membership and community.  The Congress will feature workshops, symposia, individual oral presentations grouped by themes as well as poster sessions, time with exhibitors, networking opportunities, and more.

Congress Chair

Kohei Watanabe, Chukyo University


Local Organizing Committee

Toshio Moritani

Chukyo University

Megumi Ohta

Chukyo University

Akito Yoshiko

Chukyo University

Scientific Committee

Benio Kibushi

Kobe University

Toru Kiryu

Niigata University

Yasuharu Koike

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Shun Kunugi

Aichi Institute of Technology

Yukiko Mita

Sugiyama Jogakuen University

Toshiaki Miyamoto

Kansai Medical University

Hideo Nakamura

Osaka Electro-Communication University

Masamichi Okudaira

Iwate University

Rieko Osu

Waseda University

Ryosuke Takeda

Chukyo University

Junichi Ushiyama

Keio University

Masaki Yoshida

Osaka Electro-Communication University

Akane Yoshimura

Waseda University

Local Early Career Researcher Committee

Taichi Nishikawa

Chukyo University (Chair)

Tetsuya Hirono

Chukyo University / Kyoto University

Kaito Igawa

Chukyo University

Keiichi Ishikawa

The University of Tokyo

Raki Kawama

Doshisha University

Jun Koizumi

Chukyo University

Hiromi Saitoh

Waseda University

Momoko Yamagata

Kansai Medical University

2024 Congress Video Welcome

Code of Conduct

The ISEK Code of Conduct reflects our Society’s values and our expectations for Society members and guests. This Code of Conduct is in effect while at any virtual and face to face scientific or social event linked to ISEK.

  1. Conduct is expected to be free of biases regarding race, cultural background, religion (or lack thereof), country of origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, physical appearance, or other individual characteristics or expression.
  1. No harassment will be tolerated. Attendees (and guests) at our gatherings are expected to not use epithets/slurs, and not act in a threatening, intimidating, or hostile manner, that would be generally considered offensive to other members of the Society.
  1. Strongly encourages scientific debate, discussions are expected to be respectful, civil, professional, and constructive reflecting tolerance for disagreements and recognition of opportunities to learn from each other.
  1. ISEK condemns inappropriate or suggestive acts or comments that demean another person or that are unwelcome or offensive to other members of the community or their guests.
  1. ISEK has zero tolerance for sexual harassment including any verbal or physical behavior that reflects unwelcome sexual advances or behaving in any way that another individual feels impinges on their boundaries.

Possible actions include warning the offender/accused, expulsion from the conference with no refund, and/or banning the offender/accused from future ISEK events and activities.

If you are being harassed or impacted negatively at an ISEK event, please either contact the ISEK council, email our president or congress ISEK Secretariat, or during a Face-2-Face event, please visit the registration desk and ask to speak with the president or Secretariat to discuss your concern.

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Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

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