ISEK Fellowship

The ISEK FELLOWSHIP is the highest honour bestowed on a member of ISEK.

This Fellowship recognizes scientists that have contributed outstanding service to both our scientific discipline, and to the Society. To qualify for the ISEK Fellowship, scientists must be a current member of ISEK who has contributed to the organization through leadership and/or service. They must also have demonstrated outstanding contribution, and frequent and sustained efforts toward productivity or advancement of research, clinical practice, or education in the fields of electrophysiology and/or kinesiology, or related health care/science fields.

ISEK Fellows:

Induction Year Name Institute
2004 Serge Roy Harvard University
2008 Catherine Disselhorst-Klug Helmholtz Institute
2008 Hermie Hermens University of Twente
2008 Roberto Merletti Politecnico di Torino
2010 Toshio Moritani Kyoto University
2010 Philip Parker University of New Brunswick
2012 Paolo Bonato Harvard University
2016 Carlo De Luca Boston University
2018 Dario Farina Georg-August University
2018 Moshe Solomonow University of Colorado Boulder