Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging (DIBs)

Strategic Intent

ISEK acknowledges and values the contributions of our diverse current membership and all those that have contributed to our community in the past. We aim to provide a collegial forum where all members feel empowered, valued, and supported, regardless of scientific background, perspective, gender, age, career stage, country of origin, race, or religion. We strive to make membership accessible and beneficial to all, and to recognize the unique perspective that each member brings to our organization. In doing so, ISEK aims to foster an even brighter and fairer future in our scientific community.

Diversity Statement

To facilitate an equitable association, that recognises diversity and inclusion, and emphasises quality of life in event planning and dissemination of activities

Contribute to DIBs Activities

As part of our goal to support diversity, inclusion, and a feeling of belonging for our members, we will announce a series of initiatives to support members who may otherwise not have a chance to attend our conferences or contribute to workshops and discussions. If you are interested in actively contributing to these activities, please contact us below:

Diversity Committee

The committee’s goal is to facilitate an equitable association, that recognizes diversity and inclusion, and emphasizes quality of life in event planning and dissemination activities. Visit our committee page to learn about the Diversity Committee’s first actions for 2020-22, committee structure, and more.