UNB is recruiting for a prestigious Canada Research Chair Tier-2 faculty position in the area of rehabilitation engineering. This position is appropriate for promising post-docs, assistant professors, and associate professors who have the potential to become world leaders and have been active researchers in their field for fewer than 10 years. This position will uphold UNB’s commitment to increasing the representation of under-represented groups among its chairholders. Therefore, only applicants who self-identify as members of gender equity deserving groups and/or as racialized individuals will be considered for this opportunity. We encourage those with intersecting identities to apply (for example, women who also identify as racialized individuals, Indigenous, and/or as persons with disability).

The job posting can be found here: UNB Academic Position Posting #22-48

Note that the position is within the Faculty of Engineering and we are looking for someone who would be eligible and willing to become a registered professional engineer in Canada.

UNB’s rehabilitation robotics facilities, the tight-knit group of team-oriented faculty at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and the beautiful small city of Fredericton (combining short commutes and great facilities, and ranked one of the 7 most intelligent communities of 2022 in the world), make UNB a great place for anyone who wants to do amazing research in a supportive environment that enables a balance with other meaningful aspects of life.