The 7th International Congress of ISEK was held from June 20-23, 1988 in Enschede, The Netherlands and took place at the University of Twente. K.L. Boon was the Congress Chairman. Approximately 160 abstracts from the platform/posters were presented at the Congress and followed up by a Proceedings book. Two decisions were reached at this Congress that changed ISEK. The decisions were to have ISEK Congresses every two years and that Carlo De Luca was charged by President G. Andersson to investigate an ISEK journal and report at the next Congress.

A new ISEK council was elected. The members were Carlo J. De Luca (President), Gerald Zilvold (Vice President), Don Hobart (Secretary), Robert P. Lehr (Treasurer) and Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Bengt Jonsson, Yukio Mano, Moshe Solomonow and Willemien Wallinga.