In 1968 the first ISEK Newsletter appeared. It was edited by B. Jonsson. The above mentioned committee on standards and definitions with W.D. McLeod as chairman was finally formed in 1970 and reported their suggestions in ISEK Newsletter No. 10, 1970. This prompted vigorous discussion in succeeding Newsletters.

In 1972 the second council was elected. It consisted of I. Petersen (President), O. Lippold (Vice President), H. Ladd (Secretary), T. Simard (Treasurer), J. Basmajian, S. Bouisset, J.E. Desmedt, A.L. O’Connell, and P. Pinelli. The 2nd International Meeting of ISEK organized by J. Basmajian and B. Jonsson was held in Barcelona, Spain, July 2-6, 1973, as part of the 6th International Congress of Physical Medicine.