The 1st International Meeting of ISEK took place in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, August 24-25, 1968. More than 70 members participated. During the two days, 30 scientific papers were presented. Most of them were published as Proceedings of the Meeting in a separate volume of the Journal of Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology.

On August 25, the first official Business Meeting of ISEK was held with about 50 members present. The following subjects were discussed during that meeting.

Election of the council
The “Constitution and Rules of ISEK” were adopted at the meeting
It was suggested by W.D. Mcleod (Canada) that ISEK should organize a “Committee for Standards and Definitions”. W. D. McLeod was asked to be the chairman of such a committee
E. R. Tichauer (USA) suggested that ISEK would try to cooperate with other organizations relating to electromyography, biomechanics and kinesiology. The suggestion was unanimously adopted
The first regularly elected council of ISEK (for four years) was: J.V. Basmajian (President), J. Joseph (Vice President), B. Jonsson (Secretary), S. Carlsøø (Treasurer), F. Buchthal (Denmark), V. Janda (Czechoslovakia), J.E. Pauly (USA), N.E.J. Rosselle (Publications Secretary) (Belgium), T. Tokizane.