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As a representative of your institution or organization, the standards and code of conduct of your institution are in effect when participating in the online programs delivered by the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK).

ISEK encourages open and honest intellectual debate within a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere during online sessions and through official ISEK social media channels. To help maintain an open and respectful community of scientists, ISEK does not tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior and condemns inappropriate or suggestive acts or comments that demean or harass another person by reason of gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ethnicity/race, religion (or lack thereof), or that are generally unwelcome or offensive to other members of the community.

As participants in online sessions hosted by ISEK, attendees are expected to follow the specific online code of conduct listed below.

With permission from presenters, ISEK will record presentations for rebroadcast, including on -demand options for a short period of time, and may have videos available for members to view for longer durations of time; however, unauthorized recordings may not be performed by attendees. Audio or video recording of presentations by any means, photography and/or taking screen shots of presentations, and printed or electronic quotes from presentations and discussion during the Virtual Congress and subsequent question and answer session without written consent of presenter or speaker is prohibited. These restrictions apply to all attendees and are intended to cover social networks, blogs, or any other publication, distribution, communication or sharing of information presented or discussed during the Virtual Congress.
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ISEK 2020 has the potential to deliver great advances in understanding of human movement and meaningful clinical impact.  The multidisciplinary nature of ISEK provides the perfect environment to bring together these different perspectives united under the common goal of increasing understanding of human movement.​ The 2020 Virtual Congress will adhere to the traditional format and will feature keynote lectures from distinguished international guest speakers.

Most importantly, we will be presenting research contributed by our members.  The Virtual Congress will feature workshops, symposium, individual oral presentations grouped by themes as well as posters. Talks and posters will be pre-recorded but will be streamed in real-time with live Q&A where possible. There will also be the possibility to watch talks on demand and continue to ask questions and receive replies later to accommodate different time zones.

To attend ISEK Virtual Congress you must register.

We are committed to making the ISEK Virtual Congress program accessible to everyone.  Registration fees are modest. Take the opportunity to invite colleagues and all the members of your research team.

Local Scientific and Organizing Committee

Conference chair:
Kohei Watanabe 

Co-conference chair:
Toshio Moritani

Local committee members:
Hiroshi Akima
Motoki Kouzaki
Yasuhide Yoshitake
Megumi Ohta

Tetsuya Kimura
Hideo Nakamura

Tohru Kiryu
Masaki Yoshida
Akito Yoshiko
Aya Tomita


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Kohei Watanabe
Chukyo University

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